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His tweet came just after William Barr characterized Mueller’s report.

Moments after Attorney General Bill Barr concluded a news conference Thursday morning laying out his interpretation of special counsel Robert Mueller report ahead of its expected release to Congress and the public, President Donald Trump took to Twitter with a “Game of Thrones” reference to declare: “Game Over. “

A White House official said it was expected the president watched the attorney general’s news conference from the White House residence.

Not long after, at a event honoring Wounded Warriors at the White House, Trump said “I’m having a good day, too. It was called no collusion no obstruction.

“There never was by the way and there never will be,” he continued.

The president went on to reiterate his call for an investigation into the origins of the probe, which he maintains was started unethically.

“We do have to get to the bottom of these things,” he told the audience gathered in the East Room of the White House. “This should never happen to another president again, this hoax.”

Trump announced on Wednesday that Barr would be giving the news conference, teasing that there would “strong things” to come out.

“You’ll see a lot of very strong things come out tomorrow. Attorney General Barr is going to be giving a press conference and maybe I’ll do one after that we’ll see,” Trump said during a radio interview with WMAL’s “The Larry O’Connor Show.”

The president is not expected to hold a formal press conference Thursday but may make more remarks to reporters as he departs the White House on his way to his Florida estate for the Easter weekend later Thursday.

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