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How to optimize your TV for ‘Game of Thrones’ so you don’t miss any details

It’s not just you: “Game of Thrones” has gotten intentionally darker as the seasons have progressed.

“In season seven, of course, winter is here,” Robert McLachlan, a cinematographer, told INSIDER in 2017. “In the past, we had the shutters open out of necessity for the day interior [scenes] in Winterfell or Castle Black or Eastwatch, so that some daylight could make its way in. That was your primary lighting source. There was this rule there that nobody in this world would burn candles in the daytime because they’re a luxury item, they’re far too expensive.”

By season eight, the show is at peak darkness — a reflection of the show’s world, where winter has arrived.

One simple solution: Turn up the brightness setting on your television. If nothing else, this will help with details in especially dark scenes.

Beware, of course, not to go too crazy with the brightness — you risk completely washing out the image, and that’s no good for anyone.

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