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Kim Kardashian Reveals Kanye West’s Politics Caused Problems In Their Relationship

Kim Kardashian has opened up about some of Kanye West’s controversial opinions surrounding politics and has admitted that his public support of Donald Trump caused problems in their relationship.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star gave an interview to Vogue where she said that she’s since learned to stop worrying about what the world thinks of them. 


She explained: “The one thing that I respect so much is that he is who he is, no matter what anyone tries to tell him to do. I can be sitting there crying: OH, MY GOD! TAKE OFF THE RED HAT! Because he really is the sweetest person with the biggest heart. 

“I stopped caring though. Because I used to care so much. I was making it such an issue in our relationship. And in my life. It gave me so much anxiety. He doesn’t represent either side. But he doesn’t want to be told what he should be. It can be confusing. I get it.” 

In the same interview, the 38-year-old got candid about Kanye’s bipolar diagnosis and said that he’s thankfully in a much better place right now. 

As for the trolls: “Honestly, I never want to speak for him, because I am not in his mind. But I think some of the hurtful things that I read online…What is she doing? She’s not stopping him…Like it’s my fault if he does or says something that they don’t agree with?” 

What do you make of this? 




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